Children under the age of 8 must be within arm’s reach of a caregiver over the age of 13 at all times.  If your child passes our facility swim test, they may swim unattended but a caregiver must be on-site. 

The weather can be unpredictable, but our team is prepared for any weather that might occur.  When thunder or lightning is heard or spotted, our lifeguards will blow their whistle and evacuate the pool for 30 minutes after the last occurance of thunder or lightning. After 30 minutes of being clear, you are welcome to return! 

Food and drinks are permitted on the grassed area only.  Please leave your glass containers at home.

The Crowsnest Pass Pool welcomes participants of all ages, abilities, religions and cultures to our facility.  Safe swimming is important to us.  All participants are required to wear swimming attire that is suitable for a public, family aquatic environment and must meet health and other regulatory requirements. In the event that our staff are required to make a decision to allow certain items of clothing to be worn in the pool, we take a “better safe than sorry” approach.   All clothing worn into the pool must be clean. 

Appropriate swim attire includes:
• A bathing suit, swim trunks, or “board shorts”
• Attire worn for SCUBA diving or surfing (rash guard/wet suit)
• Short or long-sleeved shirts and/or tights and/or shorts made of synthetic material such as “Lycra” or “Spandex”
*Swim attire must be clean, must not restrict movement, or create a safety hazard*

In order to maintain water quality all participants are required to have control of their bladder and/or bowels. For swimmers who are not toilet trained or incontinent the following swim attire must be worn:
• Reusable or disposable swim diapers/pants such as “Gabby’s” or “Little Swimmers”
• Plastic pants with tight fitting elastic around the waist and legs
• Tight fitting swim suit